Get Involved

How can organisations and people around the world help and support Ocean Sole Africa?

Become A Retailer

You can join our retail network. You can sign up to become a retail agent to sell our products and spread our message to art galleries, museums, shops, friends, and family.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies with a like-minded CSR agenda and help us help the oceans and employment in Africa through our art. 

Foundations, NGOs and charities:

Let’s work together for better oceans and make double the impact by working together! 

Aristans Collaborations

Are you an artist with a vision and idea of making something magical with ocean sole? From furniture, to photos, to visiting our workshop to work on an artisan projects, we are open to working with like minded people like you! 

Donate Time And Expertise

Are you a artists, designer, teacher, or industry professional and would like to share your knowledge & experience. We are grateful for your time, let us know today!

Join Hands

You can join hands and make meaningful contributions. You can invest in the impact by supporting an activity or event. We also build resources through activity related fund generation – such as sponsoring a beach clean-up, an awareness seminar, or sponsoring us to go speak at conservation events. We are open to any kind of dialogue here that can make a difference. 

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International Beach Clean Up 2018

Ocean Sole was proud to be a part of the joint community effort for the clean up of Bofa beach on International beach clean up day. Bofa beach runs along the Kenyan coast in the small seaside town of Kilifi and has a plain view across the Indian Ocean towards some of...

kilifi factory

We want to build a factory on the coast of kilifi to increase our production and create more job opportunists for the local communities while cleaning up more and more of our beaches flip flops

Send us your photos!

We would love to see Ocean Sole all around the world. Send us your picture of Ocean Sole Art and you may be featured on our social media or marketing.