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Our latest blog is all about how we are helping to combat waste in the oceans. From picking up on the beach to art

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Our Process

Ocean Sole takes flip flops and waste form the beach and turns it into art. To see a video of our process head over to our About Us page.

What do we do?

At Ocean Sole our mission is to turn flip-flop pollution into art and functional products to promote our oceans. We are a Kenyan social enterprise who focuses 100% on conservation entrepreneurship. We have been advocates for ocean waste solutions since the first flip-flop was picked up by our Founder on Kiwayu Beach in Kenya. Since then we have been turning ocean trash into cash for our employees and eco-system.

Meet The Family

Ocean Sole family is the heart of it all, they are the people making the change possible and real. From wood carvers, carpenters, artists and soul shiners to marketeers, sales and entrepreneurs, all working together to create a better tomorrow with cleaner oceans and more colorful art.

Our Products


Our process is manual not machine. Each piece is made with care and love, the story of each product begins as a flip-flop on someones feet then its thrown out it ends up in the ocean, We collect it clean it compress it and then carve it into beautiful art to be revived again with love. through the process oceans are cleaned jobs are provided masterpieces are made to end it in the reach of your palm.

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