At Ocean Sole our mission is to turn flip-flop pollution into art and functional products to promote our oceans. We are a Kenyan social enterprise who focuses 100% on conservation entrepreneurship.


We have been advocates for ocean waste solutions since the first flip-flop was picked up by our Founder on Kiwayu Beach in Kenya. Since then we have been turning ocean trash into cash for our employees and eco-system.


Ocean Sole family is the heart of it all they are the people making the change possible and real. From wood carvers, carpenters, artists and soul shiners to marketeers, sales and entrepreneurs all working together to create a better tomorrow with cleaner oceans and more colorful joyful toys .

Our Products


Our process is manual not machine. Each piece is made with care and love, the story of each product begins as a flip-flop on someones feet then its thrown out it ends up in the ocean, We collect it clean it compress it and then carve it into beautiful art to be revived again with love. through the process oceans are cleaned jobs are provided masterpieces are made to end it in the reach of your palm.

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Kg of flip-flop waste collected each year

Flip-flops recycled in 2017

We are flipping the unknown flip-flop
problem one piece of art at a time


Most people think of flip-flops as casual beachwear. Cute, sexy,
colorful, decorated and fashionable. In fact, flip-flops for over
3 BILLION people are the only pair of “shoes” they own. These
flip-flops get worn for years and then ultimately after many
repairs are discarded into dumpsites that ultimately seep into
our Earth’s waterways and then into our oceans.

The world is aware of the plastic problem, but what is looming
is the ‘flip-flop’ problem. The mass of discarded flip-flops pile
up and block waterways for fresh water, land for growing food,
fresh water and ultimately destroy marine-life.
Ocean Sole is a social enterprise company that believes that
more awareness is essential to the growing flip-flop problem
that is cluttering our Earth. In Kenya alone, one cheap factory
not only burns coal and oil, hires cheap labor and uses plastic to
makes over 100,000 flip-flops a DAY! This one company alone
produces 3.65 MILLION flip-flops annually. Those flip-flips our
ruining our Ocean, our lands, our farms, our drinking waters –
our Earth.

At Ocean Sole we are advocates of transforming over 47 tons
a year of discarded and lost flip-flops in the Ocean and on our
lands and up-cycling them into art. We hope it brings attention
to this problem globally.
Please support us on this worthy mission by viewing the art we
create and hopefully you will find something that resonates with
your passion and you too can become
a sole mate.

Kenyans employed

Kg of flip-flop waste collected a day

People educated

Get Involved 

kilifi factory

We want to build a factory on the coast of kilifi to increase our production and create more job opportunists for the local communities while cleaning up more and more of our beaches flip flops

Beach Clean up

Monthly beach clean up to collect the flipflops each clean and its then used to make our oceansole art with the help of local communities which creates awareness and job opportunities